How many of you journal out there? I will admit, since my sister passed away in February, I have had difficulty doing what I MUST do, much less take the time to journal. But what I am thinking?!? Keeping a journal is the best way to deal with feelings, with grief, with my thoughts. Knowledgeable counselors tell us that putting our worries and concerns on paper helps us to get them out of our brain, so we are not worrying or ruminating excessively.

I have been keeping what I call a “prayer journal” for several years. I write in this journal when I feel that God has spoken to me in some way. When things happen that really can’t be explained by anything other than the knowledge that God had his hand in this occurrence.

I will share one of the stories in that prayer journal.

“Yesterday when I arrived at my son and daughter in laws house, my son sensed how down I was – he said he could feel the “negative vibes.” He was worried but said nothing. My daughter in law and I went to the IF women’s conference. I couldn’t get into the music as I had last year when I attended, and I took very few notes which is unusual for me. I had considered backing out of my registration for this conference, my sister had passed away in February, my house was ripped apart (planned before my sister passed), and I was genuinely tired of life. I slept poorly that evening and when we rose to go to the second day of the conference, I felt no better. Still dragging, but with a feeling of hope since talking to my son that morning and hugging my grandsons, I went to the conference. During the opening praise music, I again felt nothing which is odd for me. Music tends to be uplifting to me. During the last song, I asked God to please come into my heart and heal my sad soul. Two or three times I prayed for this. As the morning continued two or three of the speakers “spoke” to my heart and soul and I found myself writing notes frantically, looking things up in the bible that my daughter in law had given me, and feeling uplifted in an awesome way. I had another great conversation with my daughter in law and my son. We did a prayer circle together thanking God for healing me and asking him to help my son with whether he could make a career change, and help my husband as he continues to support me in my loss.”

I really did feel blessed that day and recording it in my prayer journal helped it all feel more powerful than if I had not. Also, if I would not have recorded it, I would have forgotten all about a day when I felt blessed. Now I can go back and remember.